[Gtk-sharp-list] GTK# on Mac Field Report

Chuck Esterbrook chuck.esterbrook at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 02:33:08 EST 2009

I removed my Mono 2.6p1 install and installed Mono 2.4 which was
released more recently and boasts numerous bugfixes. I'm on Mac OS X
Snow Leopard.

My GTK# application still experiences the following problems
(previously mentioned on this list):

-- The first time I click and drag on the resize corner of a window,
nothing happens. On the second attempt, the resize happens.

-- After resizing a window, it will not respond to any mouse clicks.
If I move the window then it will become responsive again.

-- If I scroll within a TextView using the scrollwheel, it displays
overlapping text lines. I have to use the arrow keys to coax the
TextView to redisplay each line correctly.

If I take my .exe over to Linux, these problems disappear.

If these problems are unknown, I can try to reduce my program down to
something smaller that exhibits them. If these problems are known, are
there plans around fixing them for Mono 2.4.x or Mono 2.6?

I originally thought GTK# would be well cared for because major apps
use it, like MonoDevelop for Mac. But now I'm thinking that the
wizards behind such apps are using a "custom GTK#" they tweaked to
work for them while the main GTK# distribution, um, ... rots? Sorry
for the strong word, but I don't see any GTK# love in these release



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