[Gtk-sharp-list] gui refresh problems on Vista

Daniel Petersen samuraidanieru at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 16:13:47 EDT 2009

So now that I can launch my app on Vista, I'm seeing a strange problem:

My GUI isn't refreshing unless I move my mouse cursor over it; and I have to
keep moving the cursor over it to keep getting updates. I first saw behavior
like this when I was starting with Gtk# and was making calls directly to the
GUI instead of invoking. So I had read up on the 'creating responive GUIs'
on the website and changed my code to properly use Application.Invoke with
the GUI, and that problem went away. So now I'm very puzzled as to why I'm
seeing it again, and why only on Vista, when the GUI is working just fine on
Linux (ubuntu)?
Also, when I try to close the GUI window, the graphics get all messed up,
Vista reports that it's 'Not Responding', that sort of thing.  Basically it
looks like the Gtk main loop thread is stuck somewhere, or otherwise screwed
up somehow...

Any insight on this from anyone?
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