[Gtk-sharp-list] problems running gtk# app on windows

Slug toddglodek at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 21 02:30:07 EDT 2009

danieru wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've been developing a Gtk# app in MD 2.0 on Ubuntu Jaunty. Everything
> seemed hunky-dory until I attempted to run the app on my Vista laptop. It
> gives me an error message saying it can't find the 'Mono.Posix' assembly.
> Here's the software on the laptop:
> -Microsoft .Net 3.5 sp1
> -gtk-sharp-2.12.8-1.win32.msi
> ...On my Ubuntu box, the target Gtk version for my project was 2.12.8.
> So this brings up a couple of questions:
> 1. Can apps compiled with the Mono C# compiler run on .Net?
> 2. Can apps compiled on with the Microsoft .Net compiler run on Mono?

I'm having this issue too with my simple little test application.  **** Whew
***  Have I been spending a lot of time on these forms for something so
simple as my little demo app.  Here my error :

    Unhandled Exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load
file or ass
    embly 'Mono.Posix, Version=, Culture=neutral,
    d756' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file
    File name: 'Mono.Posix, Version=, Culture=neutral,

I spent all day on that one, and after all that my biggest observations so
far are these :

1)  There ought to be a section of these Forums just for people with issues
trying to build and configure installers 
     for all  the various platforms.  I mean, I was able to quickly and
easily create a beautiful looking app that I can 
     run on my Ubuuntu machine.   I was so impressed by how far MonoDevelop
has progressed since I looked at it 
     a couple years ago.  It enabled me to do a whole lot in a really short
period of time - created a nice prototype in 
     a couple days by pulling two all-nighters over the weekend.   However,
Monday was a total loss as I simply 
     couldn't get it to run on our Windows machines.

2)  We're trying to write a simple corporate app for a user base which is
about 85% Windows, 13% Mac, and 
     maybe 2% Ubuntu.   That 2% is, however, that really, really, REALLY
vocal anti-.Net crowd which  insists 
    that we can't use .Net because it won't run on Linux.  I was so pleased 
when I could get my weekend's test-app 
    to run with such little effort on my Linux machine, but if it isn't
simple to get it running on Windows - then it ain't 
    worht doing at all.  And, by simple what I mean is, very  clear
tech-jargon-free instructions that any intern who's 
    idea of a computer is FaceBook can figure out and follow.   I'm thinking
big, bright, friendly pictures and pastel 
    colored arrows.

3)  Consider having different installers just for simple end-users who are
just trying to get an app to run.  For example, 
     the options in the Windows download page are hugely confusing. 
Especially, since the first choice throws you a
     75MB mega install of all things mono.  Maybe some big pictures that say
"Dowload Simple Runtime (14MB)" & 
     "Download Full Development Environment (75MB)" would help people out.

4)   What would really help is an article called "So you've written your
application... and now you want to show it to 
      some executives who want to see it running on all three operating
systems...  Here's what to do"   IMHO this 
      should happen right away.  The Mono team has done great work and
MonoDevelop is frakken awesome (way 
      better than eclipse ).  Don't let all that hard work go unrecognized
because coders give up after the first weekend
      cause they are really burned out from all night hacking sessions and
can't get their simple test app to work on
      Windows.  Please don't make that wait until after you have created
some grand cosmic solution to implementing a
      RPM style package management system for Window - which will also be
totally awesome yet impossible to install.

5)   I wonder how well the typical  'Help Desk Jockeys' at your average
large company would be able to  figure this out.  
      I mean, for the most part, those guys like to have a standard set of
instructions that they can repeat over and over on 
      a bunch of different machines.  They like step by step instructions
that they can follow to close a ticket.  They get in
      trouble with their managers if they spend all day at a single client's
desk tinkering around with a bunch of different
      installation options.  That's fine for a bunch of Mountain Dew
swilling open source enthusiasts, but it just isn't the 
      way corporate support organizations work.

6)   It would be complete Nirvana if on the main mono site there were three
or four pre-packaged applications that came
      all ready to install on Linux, MAC, and Windows.  That is,  the same
applications ( say tick-tack-toe),  running with 
      no mods on each different platform.  Just so the typical
non-software-developing IT-manager could see it without
      somebody having to  loose sleep for a whole weekend creating it

7)   It would be even higher level of bliss to be ale to download a
pre-bundled MonoDevelop solution complete with all the
     source code, and package projects properly configured.  It would be a
real confidence builder for a MonoDvelop noob 
     just to be able to follow step by step instructions and get something
compiled that ran on all three platforms.

6)   Finally, is there really absolutely nothing on Novell's web site about
Mono?  Not even the word Mono.  There's
      nothing like "mono.novell.com"   not even a  "www.novell.com/mono" ?   

Thanks for all your patience - Slug
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