[Gtk-sharp-list] Help with widget not displaying in dialog

alan battersby alan.battersby at ntlworld.com
Mon Apr 20 07:28:15 EDT 2009

Andy Selvig wrote:
> Alan-
> The drawing code (in FrameDisplay.DrawAxes()) should really called on
> the expose event handler for FrameDisplay. This way, it will get
> called whenever the control needs to be redrawn. Just put
> ExposeEvent += HandleExposeEvent;
> into the FrameDisplay constructor, then put a call to DrawAxes() in
> the handler:
> void HandleExposeEvent(object o, Gtk.ExposeEventArgs args)
> {
>     DrawAxes();
> }
> Hope this helps.

I followed your suggestion as above but the display still keeps being
cleared. In fact when I display the dialog just the drawing widget with
drawing is displayed in the dialog, none of the other content is
visible. Then after a short time the other controls
(radiobuttons,buttons etc) appear and the drawing is cleared. So I have
a initialisation problem of some sort but I dont know how to solve it.


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