[Gtk-sharp-list] Can't click button after dialog closes

Philip Wobst philip.wobst at aastra.com
Thu Apr 9 04:02:34 EDT 2009

Hi Christian and others,

Thanks for your feedback. I have tried the approach you suggested but
updating the Gtk+ files does not fix the issue. This applies to the
following environment:

1. Windows XP Home SP 3
2. Mono 2.2 install
3. Replace all the files that were installed by the Gtk+ 2.16 installer
found on http://gtk-win.sourceforge.net/home/index.php/en/Home

I have also tested this bug on the Linux Mono VMWare machine and there
the bug does not turn up (Gtk version 2.12). Could this be a gtk# bug

All help or suggestions is appreciated.



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