[Gtk-sharp-list] Custom CellRendererText problem help!

Christian Hoff christian_hoff at gmx.net
Fri Oct 24 14:45:43 EDT 2008

No idea what problem you're experiencing here; overriding Render in my 
custom cell renderer(derived directly from Gtk.CellRenderer) worked. 
Overriding Activate is known not to work, but I hopefully will get that 
patch finished in my approaching holidays :-) .

What version of Gtk# are you using? It's always a good idea to update to 
the latest version 2.12.2 or use SVN.

If the problem still occurs, please file a bug 


dabatla schrieb:
> Hi all, I'm having a issue customizing CellRendererText. Is this a gtk# bug?
> any workarounds?
> When implementing the code below, I get the following exception : 
> "Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication
> that other memory is corrupt."
> Any ideas? any workarounds?
> class MyCellRenderer : CellRendererText {
> protected override void Render(Drawable window, Widget widget, Rectangle
> background_area, Rectangle cell_area, Rectangle expose_area,
> CellRendererState flags) {
>          base.Render(window, widget, background_area, cell_area,
> expose_area, flags);
>          //This point is never reached for some reason?????
>      }
> }
> thanks

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