[Gtk-sharp-list] Migrating to CMake?

Martin (OPENGeoMap) martin at opengeomap.org
Sat Oct 11 12:25:50 EDT 2008

> So, the argument should not be "cross-platform" but:
> - Not "awkward" build system, in the sense that it should work in the
> same way regardless of the OS used (so it's better a scenario in which
> you have to install the same dependency in all platforms instead of
> different dependencies depending on the underlying OS).
yes, totally agree
> - More maintainable. Each shell system has its own wierd syntaxes. I've
> been maintaining in the past a sort-of auto-tools build system but with
> Win32-shell syntax, and, as well as it woudn't have been interesting to
> make a Linux-layer that abstracts this syntax in order to make it build
> outside Win32, it's not interesting to always use the inverse solution:
> Cygwin/MinGW/whatever. We need to abstract all platform-dependant parts
> into higher level of abstraction bits, as well as Mono has done in the
> development scenario, in order to let developers from all platforms
> share and reuse knowledge.
yes, totally agree
> - Moving from AutoTools to other system also provides an additional
> advantage if the target system is supported out-of-the-box in an IDE.
> Suddendly we will start attracting all those VS developers or
> drag-and-drop programming lovers ;) - or command-line haters (I consider
> myself a mixture of both).
yes, totally agree
> - Waf: seems to have a showstopper for being considered as the
> ready-to-go Gnome solution, and a fork is not worth it IMO.
python is easy to hack and extend i think.


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