[Gtk-sharp-list] Migrating to CMake?

Christian Hoff christian_hoff at gmx.net
Sat Oct 11 07:37:19 EDT 2008


in my opinion the current build process does not suit Gtk# and a 
cross-platform project in general. The autotools/make build system is 
simply not portable; Windows users have to install either a Cygwin build 
environment or create their own Makefiles(as I finally did).

At first I thought that Gtk# could get rid of the autotools and instead 
create static makefiles(also make on its own is quite powerful) as I did 
for MinGW's make/Windows(I'll mail them to the list later if someone is 
interested), but this solution requires a lot of work, is difficult to 
maintain and limited for two platforms because you would have to set 
variables such as $(rm) conditionally to rm(Linux) or del(Windows).

I think we need a cross-platform build process and thought about 
migrating to CMake. CMake runs natively on all important 
platforms(including MacOS) and seems to fulfill our needs(it does even 
support cross-platform compilation!). The gapi-cdecl-insert script can 
be replaced by a sed command as I did in the MinGW makefiles already. 
What do you think? Is my idea actually possible? I would start working 
on it if you want.


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