[Gtk-sharp-list] Mouse position, click emulation

Mauricio Henriquez mhenriquezs at terra.cl
Wed Nov 26 11:26:06 EST 2008

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
>> I need a way to emulate mouse position and mouse click from a mono c#
>> console app (may be with a gtk-sharp hidden window app?), the mono-dev
>> guys sugestme to use the System.Windows.Form.Cursor (sorry to try first
>> wiht MWF :-S ..and is very easy to move the mouse cursor but a nightmare
>> to emulate the click (all "click emulation" Windows solution involve
>> wrappers for some user32.dll API functions, bad, to bad)...
>> So, before write a lib for some X functions and then a C# wrapper I
>> wonder if there is some *easy* way to do something like that using
>> gtk-sharp *something*,
>> Thanks, any sugestion/direction is going to be apreciated.
> Do you mean in a single application or on-the-desktop-anywhere?
the entire desktop...
>   If your
> in a given application I'd *guess* that you could inject events into the
> application's event loop?  Are there managed versions of
> gdk_display_put_event() and gdk_put_event()?

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