[Gtk-sharp-list] MedSphere.Graph2D & LabelAxis

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Fri Nov 21 11:08:20 EST 2008

I have a working Histogram plot using Medpshere.Graph2D where the
horizonal axis is a DateTime sequence and the vertical axis is a double.

However my graph where the horizontal axis is a LabelAxis (username) and
the vertical axis is a double, it doesn't plot anything.  Although it
does display the label "User" along the horzizontal axis and the range
of the vertical axis seems correct.

 store = new TreeStore (typeof (string), typeof (double));
 foreach(UserStat stat in userStats.Values)
   Console.WriteLine("User:{0} Size:{1} Count:{2}",
     stat.User, stat.Size, stat.Count);
                      Math.Round((stat.Size / 1024576.0), 1));
 userUsageGraph.AppendAxis (new LabelAxis (0, 
 userUsageGraph.AppendAxis (new LinearAxis (1,
 linePlot  = new LinePlot (store, 
 linePlot.Name = "HistogramPlot";
 linePlot.ShowValues = true;
 linePlot.SetValueDataColumn (0, 0);
 linePlot.SetValueDataColumn (1, 1);
 userUsageGraph.AddPlot(linePlot, userUsageGraph.Axes); 
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