[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk-sharp widget library released !

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Sat May 31 18:26:12 EDT 2008

> Sound's exciting, I've never done a control like that.  Any winforms
> calendar control that you've seen and like ?

There are several commercial ones.  The only Open Source one I've seen
was with "monocalendar"  which is unmaintained, and possibly incomplete.
I originally based mine very roughly off their code.

Commercials ones are <http://www.dbi-tech.com/dbiCalendar.asp> and here

> I will add it for sure in my todo list for the 2.0 version of holly-widgets.
> If you are an adept with Gtk# and would be willing to take a look at our use
> of Gtk#'s ... calendar widget code and to offer us concrete suggestions to
> make it better/faster we'd almost certainly be willing to send you
> pizza/beverage-of-your-choice! 

I'm certainly not!  I've muddle through, on a good day.  But I'm
certainly willing to co-operate with anyone on making a decent calendar.

Basically I'm just trying to make something that displays n-number of
days and unto which events can be placed.  The widget handles the
packing for overlapping events (what I find to be the really hard part).
Events can be dragged around and right-clicked for a context menu.
Dragging is crude but it works.  The ability to set event color and
possibly an icon would be nice.   Multi-day events currently work.   It
might be better if each event was its own event box - not sure.

This calendar is in its own DLL,  code is at
<http://code.google.com/p/consonance/source/browse>  in the
trunk/Gtk/Calendar folder.

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