[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk# DataBindings

mm mlgs at arsis.net
Sat Mar 29 13:07:05 EDT 2008

Gtk.DataBindings released

API break. Since it was noted that use of "_" character is not suggested
in .Net, I removed them all from every part of this package.
Another changes (since API was already broken, there were few things I
wanted to do for a long time, but didn't want to break API). 
Moved CachedProperty into System.Data.Bindings.Cached
Moved all collection classes into System.Data.Bindings.Collections
One very notable change is renaming 
Notificator.Notify_ObjectChanged into 
Notificator.Notify_ReloadObject into 

There are still few more outstanding rearrangements left, but from this
moment on none will pose any change needed for use of Gtk.DataBindings
in your application. But if anyone is subclassing Adaptor and
ControlAdaptor for some specific type of client, there are few
simplifying changes still on the table which might slightly break your
API in about 5 lines per subclass.

I will be changing screencasts in future based on the feedback I got so
far. Like I type too slow (I usually type faster) when I tryed not to be
too fast, show result first or at least as separate screencast so one
knows what he is looking at, etc.

as always you can contact me on irc #mono and #monodevelop if you have
any question, suggestion. Bugs not (there is a tracker on sourceforge
for that)


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