[Gtk-sharp-list] Issues with generating bindings for telepathy-glib and telepathy-mission-control via GAPI

William Farrington wcfarrington at gmail.com
Sat Jun 28 14:07:44 EDT 2008


Miguel suggested I post this query here as it'd be more likely to be  
seen by someone knowledgeable about GAPI.

As part of my SoC project, I've got to create bindings for telepathy- 
glib and telepathy-mission-control for C#. Things were generally going  
well, however, I've now hit a point were a handful of header files are  
inexplicably *not* being generated into C# code.

I've spent a couple weeks working on this to no real avail, and with  
the deadline looming (a bit more than a week off), it is fairly  
critical I figure this issue out.

Anyone willing to test this on their own box would need to build  
libtelepathy, telepathy-glib, and telepathy-mission-control. The  
bindings are currently hosted on github, http://github.com/wfarr/missioncontrol-sharp/tree/master 
  and http://github.com/wfarr/telepathy-glib-sharp/tree/master .

Thank you for your time.

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