[Gtk-sharp-list] Simple drag and drop demo?

Christian Hoff christian_hoff at gmx.net
Tue Jun 10 11:17:27 EDT 2008

The Gtk# SVN repo contains a lot of code samples; download instructions 
can be found at www.mono-project.com -> Download -> Unsupported 
downloads -> SVN(can't tell you the correct URL because the site seems 
currently down). TestDnd.cs in the sample directory ahould be the right 
one for you ;-)

Christian Hoff

wvdschel schrieb:
> Hi,
> I'm new to Mono, C# and Gtk#, and while intellisense and google help me most
> of the time,
> I can't find a clear and simple drag and drop demo.
> What I want to do is have a widget that accepts all files dragged from a
> file manager onto a widget.
> Can anyone point me to some demo code?
> Kind regards,
> Wim

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