[Gtk-sharp-list] Windows gtk-sharp 2.12 assembly

Plex plexer at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 23:28:34 EDT 2008

I've run in to a problem distributing my mono app as there is (I
believe) currently no 2.12 assembly for Windows.

Would some kind soul be able to instruct me as to how to build my
application against 2.10 instead?

I'm using monodevelop on Ubuntu Hardy.

I tried compiling from the Mono command line in Windows, which I
expected would link it against the correct assembly, but for some
reason it is still being linked against 2.12. For reference my compile
command was:

gmcs "/out:GtkSharpForm.exe" "-pkg:gtk-sharp-2.0"
"-pkg:glib-sharp-2.0" "-pkg:glade-sharp-2.0" "/r:System.dll"
"/r:Mono.Posix.dll" /noconfig /nologo /codepage:utf8 /warn:4 /debug:+
/debug:full /optimize+ /define:"DEBUG" /t:exe

(This is just a test application with a single form and a button that
prints Hello World to console). I stole the compile string from

Additionally, is anyone aware as to when the 2.12 assembly may be
making an appearance on Windows?

James McGill

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