[Gtk-sharp-list] Overriding default behaviour of a cellrenderertext

Brett Senior brett_senior at yahoo.com.au
Fri Jul 25 02:25:31 EDT 2008

I have written a simple data grid using a treeview and underlying list store due to the fact that there is not one in GTK# and the Medsphere one does not allow editing (and the documentation is *very* poor).  Basically I have a key press handler on the main window that allows the user to use the Insert and Del keys to insert and delete rows respectively.  The ones that I am having problems with are the Return/Enter key (to move down one 'row' and to add a new row if at the last row) and Tab (to move to the next column and put the cell in edit mode).  The problem is that when you Return or Tab it takes you to the correct cell etc, but the previous cell you have just processed does not fire the Edited event for the cell renderer - and thus I cannot save the processed text in the list store.  I have tried other keys with the result being the same.  Does anybody have an idea why it is behaving like this given that if I mouse click to a different cell then
 the Edited event is fired - thus allowing things to work.  I understand that there is an Entry that underlies the cell renderer text - but couldn't see what I could change there (if I connected to the 'start edit' event and then used the 'args.editable' member) so that seemed to be a dead end as well.

Any help in this matter would be much appreciated.


Brett Senior.

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