[Gtk-sharp-list] Gnome Vfs Bindings question

Stephen Erickson serickson at isillc.com
Tue Jan 8 14:21:47 EST 2008

Long and short is that I'm trying to get the MIME type from a known uri
string and the Gnome.Vfs.FileInfo class found in gnome-vfs-sharp looked
to be the ticket.  (I'm wanting something that will/should work under
both windows & linux.)

Unfortunately, when I try to run the following code:

Gnome.Vfs.FileInfo info = new Gnome.Vfs.FileInfo(fileUri,

where fileUri is a string version of the uri

I get a VfsException that says Invalid parameters.  The inner exception
is set to null.

I did see an example floating around the Net that had
FileInfoOptions.Default | FileInfoOptions.GetMimeType, but trying that
gave the same results.

Does this mean that GetMimeType is not actually supported or am I
missing something?

I'm running Gtk# for Windows v2.8

-Stephen Erickson

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