[Gtk-sharp-list] Need help in compilation

Marc Glenn mjamon at ntsp.nec.co.jp
Mon Feb 25 03:25:12 EST 2008

Hello folks,

     I installed the mono- installer for windows xp. It has 
gtk-sharp 2.10 and gnome 2.16 included.
     I also found *PrintSample.cs* in the samples directory. This 
PrintSample.cs uses the Gnome namespace to print.

     I am having problems on how to compile it using mono on windows. I 
don't know what library to include so the Gnome namespace can be 
accessible. But            when I compile it on mono(linux), it runs fine.

     Also, when I tried copying the PrintSample.exe which is produced by 
a mono(linux) compilation. It won't run on my mono(windows). It outputs 
a                          System.DllNotFoundException.

     Attached is the *PrintSample.cs *file.

     Does anyone know how to compile it correctly on a windows machine?

Desperate already,
Marc Glenn

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