[Gtk-sharp-list] Running gapi2-parser

Raja Mukherji rajamukherji at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 05:14:42 EST 2008

I just recently installed mono + gtk-sharp on Windows (Mono 1.2.6_5
Setup from the download page) and I'm having trouble running
gapi2-parser.exe (and most of the other exe's in the bin directory).
Whenever I try to run them I get a "Unable to find a version of the
runtime to run this application" error.

I tried creating a gapi2-parser.exe.config file with the following
contents (which I found through Google):

		<requiredRuntime version="v1.0.0.1" safemode="true"/>

Running gapi2-parser.exe then asked me to install .net 1.0.3705.
However installing this now gives me a new error: "Strong name
validation failed for assembly..."

And hints on how to run this? I only want to run gapi2-parser.exe and


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