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mlgs at arsis.net mlgs at arsis.net
Mon Feb 11 17:03:18 EST 2008

> Hi,
> I am interested in data bindings, but I have tons of questions and
> comments.  Take my comments as questions because I am far from being
> an expert.
> TreeView
> Relational databases have been bastardized.  They now contain XML,
> MultiValues and other non normalized hierarchical data.  The treeView
> could be useful in displaying this sort of thing.

TreeView is also useful for linear too. But,... you've got it correct. Too
bastardized to know where to begin.

This is why I requested that people send examples where I could look at it
without needing to go over every feature by my self. Starting with simple
reading writing with DataRow and simple data and all the way to complex

> Why not allow bindings for textView/textEntry/label?  Heck, even image
> and other widgets could have a model that is tied to a database
> component, no?

All widget types are already done... except...
TextView and HTML are the only missed widgets so far. TextView.... same
reason as database. I would like to see one simple and clean case of usage
before I take on that one

> Is your binding going to work with libgda?

NO! API is not stable and I don't plan to follow every move they make just
to keep up with them. that was as far as I was researching. Correct me if
I'm wrong.

> Are you going to require libgnomedb widgets?

NO! read previous

> Will you have a dependency on ADO.Net?  I would like to build database
> applications without the need for encumbered technologies.  Though I
> come from the MS world, I am trying to be a good citizen now.

If they will impose any dependencies then they will be separated into
different library. This is why I'm having separation for 2.0. And same
controls will allow pluggable Adaptors with form switches (well, have not
tested them yet, but I think they should work. Separation is the first

> Are you planning to team up with Kexi or some other RAD tool?
> Basically, MS Access was great in concept.  An easy to use database
> with optional programming.  If we do a Mono version, it would open up
> lots of languages as scripting languages...

No, that is not my intention. SQL and scripting already exists for that
purpose. I wouldn't like to reinvent the wheel. And since I can't say I
correctly understood what you asked here... Isn't kexi reporting
software?? Maybe cleaner explanation for someone who didn't understand the

> As you can tell, I see bindings being more useful than for just
> putting lists on the screen.  of course, I understand that you have to
> start somewhere.

Yes, and that is why avoided databases so far. Data is way more than
database. First I was creating full functionality and now I'll start using
unlimited to provide limited.

> Thanks,
> Vlad


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