[Gtk-sharp-list] Newbie wants to create a dock.

Alvin ONeal Alvin.ONeal at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 11:58:00 EST 2008

I want to create a dock like the ones already used in gnome so
that when windows are maximised they don't extend past it.

I would be very grateful for any hints on how to do this.

I'm just starting to look at online books and source-code for C#
as of yesterday. My goal is to create a dock into which I can drag
a file from the desktop or URL from and process information about

I've programmed several school projects in java (avl-tree, datalog (db),
so I have a college sophmore's experience with that theoritcal kind of
programming, but not much practical desktop programming. If you have any
tutorial recommendations for someone that would help someone with
my level of experience that would also be appreciated.

AJ ONeal
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