[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk# Databindings

mm mlgs at arsis.net
Fri Dec 19 11:48:27 EST 2008

like first, no... project didn't die.

and second? ok, version 1.0 is now out in svn (more on this in my blog
related to gtk-databind). I've been dog fooding my self on my very large
commercial project written in mono, with completely data aware interface
and what can I say, software is lean and mean while really resource
friendly and there is not one case of gui interface causing trouble or
failing anywhere.

Second thing I noticed is how hard is for people to understand
simplicity. After being exposed to all various non sense, they simply
can't think simple anymore. So, in light of writing real manual/book how
to use SDB and GDB I started maintaining blog, where tips, rants and
developments on 2.0 will be posted daily and same posts a bit modified
put into book.

project address: http://gtk-databind.sourceforge.net
blog address: http://gtk-databind.arsis.net
book address(does not exists yet): http://gtk-databind.arsis.net/book

btw. anyone is welcome to post idea or question there. Even if it is not
topic related

2.0 focus
- Making it compatible with ms.databinding property change events, so
classes defined for SWF can be reused with SDB.
- Possibly making reference handler, when only adaptor is knowing the
reference. More on this in post about Memory handling in blog
- Few small changes in widget api (making GetDataFromDataSource and
PutDataToDataSource virtual methods) to be able to reuse same widget for
different occasions in a simpler manner
- one or two internal feature in adaptor class

And if you're really pissed off that this project hasn't yet came to 2.0
stage? Main culprit is Hideo Kojima. Send him hate mail for developing
Metal Gear Online, MGO is taking me way too much time. So I barely had
time to finish my bread and butter project and bugfixes in SDB instead
of releasing 2.0 already.

with regards

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