[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk# 2.12.2 Windows installer

Billy Schoenberg wasbridge at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 12:35:45 EDT 2008

Hey Christian,

Thanks for all of your hard work, if this is based off of Medsphere's
experimental 2.10.4 installer there are some issues you need to know about.
For instance there is a VBScript somewhere in there (I forget its name) does
not run under Vista when User Account Control is on, even when you click
yes.  This script configures the gdk_pixbuf.loaders and gtk.immodules which
when are not configured properly cause very hard to trace down errors.  Also
there is another issue that I cannot find that affects XP installs as well,
for more info on the issues that I have had with this installer see
http://dialect.openmodeling.net/ and look at some of the closed tickets, or
even the open ones.  Either way though I find that the installer is around
90% successful and I am grateful for that.  I was under the impression that
many of these installer were maintained by Brad at medsphere but I could be


On Sat, Aug 23, 2008 at 8:58 AM, Christian Hoff <christian_hoff at gmx.net>wrote:

>  Hi,
> just wanted to tell you that I have created an experimental Gtk# 2.12.2
> installer based on the one provided by Medsphere. I have also rebuilt the
> binaries using the 1.1 framework.
> Everyone not willing to wait until it appears on their homepage can try out
> this link: http://www.gmx.de/mc/AXFgMIcuYUMtkcnP1k1SmtpBNW5ZqP and then
> click on "GMX Mediacenter starten" to see and download the
> MSI-installer(sorry, but I don't have my own webspace yet).
> However, there is still a list of things to be done:
> 1. Send the updated 2.12.2 binaries over to Medsphere(this is the next
> thing on my list)
> 2. Update documentation in the Mono Wiki
> 3. Include the 2.12 binaries into the Mono Windows installer(which still
> ships with 2.10.4)
> I am trying to get back to these points as soon as possible, but maybe
> the update for the Mono Windows installer will have to wait for 2 weeks.
> BTW, could anybody tell me who is maintaining this installer?
> Christian
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