[Gtk-sharp-list] Add MenuItem

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu Aug 21 16:51:33 EDT 2008

> Hi I am a first time gtk# user.  I am looking for an equivalent way to do
> this in gtk#:
> MenuItem m2 = new MenuItem("bla");
> m1.MenuItems.Add(m2);
> In other words dynamically add or remove menu items.  Right now I am using
> the gui editor with monodevelop to generate my gui code, and from the code
> it generates the only way I can see would be to regenerate the entire menu.

If you have a Menu I believe you can use Attach(...) to add a new

There is an example in Monodoc:
MenuBar mb = new MenuBar ();
Menu file_menu = new Menu ();
MenuItem exit_item = new MenuItem("Exit");
file_menu.Append (exit_item);
MenuItem file_item = new MenuItem("File");
file_item.Submenu = file_menu;
mb.Append (file_item);   

The Activated event is emitted from a MenuItem when it is activated.

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