[Gtk-sharp-list] Widgets and Dialogs

Brett Senior brett_senior at yahoo.com.au
Sat Aug 16 23:42:14 EDT 2008

First I'd like to thank Chris Howie and Michael Hutchinson for their advice and patience in explaining dialogs and their uses to me.  The below is a response from Chris and although I've looked into dialogs, I'm not quite sure what Chris means.  Is it possible for someone to provide a link to some documentation I can read, or clarify the below at bit more ?

I believe that the preferred way of approaching this is to create a
widget containing all of the dialog widgets that you need and drop
that widget on a Window or Dialog as you need it.  This is, I believe,
what MonoDevelop does.  Then if you change your UI design later by,
for example, merging a bunch of windows into a notebook you can do so
very quickly by re-using the widgets you have.


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