[Gtk-sharp-list] Current way of creating a Pixbuf from an RGB Array

Christian Hoff christian_hoff at gmx.net
Fri Aug 8 07:45:05 EDT 2008

You're really a genius  :-) . What your program does was the next 
feature that I wanted to implement into my program.

Displaying the camera image works perfectly for me, you'll probably have 
to use Gtk# from trunk.

PS: Since the cp command which is executed after the build has the 
solution directory as the working directory, you should  write cp 
./source ./target instead of $SolutionDir/sourcefile $SolutionDir/dest 
since the current call will fail if there is a space in the solution path

And for the SVN version: You can download a Gtk# svn tarball by using 
the View CVS web fromtend http://anonsvn.mono-project.com/viewcvs/. If 
Gtk# won't install into the GAC, remove the /gacdir switch in the 

> If this has been fixed in February i assume that it's already in the 2.0
> Preview Source release on 1st August 2008 ;-)
> I am using the following Mono and GTK# Versions:
> Mono 2.0 Preview 1
> GTK# 2.12
> Currently i am unable to use the SVN version because i can't access the Repo
> from within the company, but will try it out when at home. Attanded you will
> find a demo source which throws the Exception when creating the Pixbuf from
> the Array.
> Egon
> http://www.nabble.com/file/p18889033/V4L2_Test.tar.bz2 V4L2_Test.tar.bz2 

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