[Gtk-sharp-list] different color rows for GtkTreeView

Tim Howard timothy.howard at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 17:24:05 EDT 2008


I apologize for not giving your earlier solution more careful consideration.
I wanted something "dumb" easy because I'm lazy, but after seeing this
reply, I went and did a search for "SetCellDataFunc" on koders.com and of
course came to the code you already linked me to at, did the traversing of
functions and found Effect at which point I remembered your earlier posts
and came back.

That doesn't look that bad at all. It's not "dumb easy", but I guess I can't
have everything. Thanks for the posts.



On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 5:14 PM, Adam Tauno Williams <adam at morrison-ind.com>

> > So I guess there's no easy way to do this?
> Define "easy" :)
> > So far it sounds _A LOT_ harder than it needs to be.
> YES, it is.
> > Ultimately I want to model something of a checkbook register where
> > every other row is light green.
> > If anyone else has any insight into this, I would greatly appreciate
> > it.
> Setting a SetCellDataFunc for a column is the only way I know of doing
> it if you don't want to rely on the theme setup (which as you've noticed
> isn't reliable).
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