[Gtk-sharp-list] Entry position in a Table

Jon Cosby jon at jcosby.com
Sun Nov 25 15:13:51 EST 2007

There seem to be three ways to align text in an Entry (Alignment,
Position, Xalign) but nothing that aligns the widget itself. I have

    trackEntry = new Entry();
    trackEntry.WidthRequest = 90;
    trackEntry.HeightRequest = 30;
    trackEntry.Xalign = 0;
    table1.Attach(trackEntry, 1, 2, 4, 5, AttachOptions.Shrink,
AttachOptions.Shrink, 1, 1);

but the Entry widget is center-aligned. It only seems to effect the
cursor/text. I've also looked at Position but that doesn't make any
difference. Any suggestions?

Jon Cosby

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