[Gtk-sharp-list] FileChooserDialog.Run() stalls when executed in an event

Goran Sterjov goran.sterjov at gmail.com
Sat May 5 02:52:13 EDT 2007

upon further investigation i found that its the actual FileChooserWidget
that is causing a problem since i tried to create my own file chooser

i executed the code with --trace=N:Gtk and it seems that the widget is stuck
in a loop. most specifically a loop within a treeview, though i am unsure
which one.

the more i try to investigate the more it seems to be a bug in the file
chooser widget in the 2.10 version. why it only gets stuck when it is run
from an event i dont know

On 5/5/07, Goran Sterjov <goran.sterjov at gmail.com> wrote:
> for some bizarre reason whenever i execute the Run() command in a new
> FileChooserDialog it stalls while populating the file list. the interface
> still is responsive but it is completely unusable.
> this only occurs within an event, such as button.clicked but works
> completely fine when run normally.
> suspiciously the problem occurred when i updated to version 2.10.0-2 in
> debian unstable.
> is this a known error or am i doing something wrong.
> i even tried it with the example in monodoc (put it in an event function
> though)
> a screenshot of the stall can be found at the following link:
> http://dissent-project.org/Screenshot.png
> thanks
> goran
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