[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk# and .NET2.0 crashing all over the place

Aaron Oxford aaron at hardwarehookups.com.au
Sun Mar 18 17:14:20 EDT 2007

>At 02:52 AM 19/03/2007, you wrote:
>>On 3/18/07, Cody Russell <bratsche at gnome.org> wrote:
>>>I *think* that gtk# is specifically targeted at .NET 1.1 at this point
>>>still, so I think using it with .NET 2.0 might still be a "at your own
>>>risk" type of thing.  I have used it with VS2005 Professional, but in
>>>one or two places the runtime would emit a StackImbalanceException in
>>>some of my custom widgets' drawing code.  Using all stock widgets, I
>>>don't think I ever received any.  I never tried using VS2005 Express,
>>>but it seems like that should behave the same as Professional.
>>>I mostly use gtk# right now on VS2003 Professional, where it runs just
>>>fine.  But that's not .NET 2.0.
>Well, the website doesn't blaringly state that this won't work with 
>.NET2.0, nor that it will. Could you tell me what your setup was? 
>I'll try removing my custom widgets tonight and see if it becomes stable.
>>FYI, several major GTK# apps  (MonoDevelop, Banshee and F-Spot) are
>>running absolutely fine on Mono's 2.0 profile. It looks like you have
>>a GTK+/GTK#/Windows issue.
>Again, it sounds like I need to know the recommended setup. All I've 
>installed is the Gtk# 2.8.3 Installer for .NET1.1 SDK. I know that 
>there are several later versions of Gtk and Gdk available. At this 
>point I'm considering switching to developing with Mono if that 
>would help. Mind you, is it just me or are the docs really light on 
>again? Not having a *nix background, I'm not sure I'll be able to 
>get my head around using a command prompt compiler - how does one 
>add references, use a build file etc? I couldn't even find the name 
>of the compiler for about a day. Google obviously isn't showing me 
>some important site. :-(
>Anyway, I'm getting really desperate - to the point where I'm 
>considering trying to write a Java UI or managed layer for FLTK or 
>something. Is there a Win32 Monodevelop in the works? At one point 
>last night I had to start the app four times before it would stay 
>up. I'm prepared to go to fairly extreme lengths to fix this, so 
>even opinions or hints would be helpful. Anyone know any C++ 
>libraries that compile under .NET 2.0?
>Thanks again everyone,

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