[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk# and .NET2.0 crashing all over the place

Eric Albright albright at wesayhome.org
Sun Mar 18 12:15:44 EDT 2007

Sounds very much like the problem I wrote about here:

and here:


Hope that helps,

Eric Albright

Aaron Oxford wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've given this its own topic now. I've disabled all timers and other 
> threads in my application and my app still crashes in random places 
> in the GUI. I'm getting everything from errors about loading icons 
> the wrong way through to crashes in Application.Run(). I've found 
> several postings about it on this list, all with no reply.
> To restate the problem in its entirety: My .NET2.0 application is 
> crashing and complaining about corrupt memory all the time on my Win 
> 2k3 + VCS2005 Express + Gtk# 2.8.3 platform. The crashes only started 
> since using Gtk# and are present even when only the Gtk# GUI is 
> running. The corruption is severe enough to affect other applications 
> running on my machine.
> My question is: are the developers aware of these problems, and if so 
> can we expect some fixes any time soon? Is Gtk# going to be a viable 
> option for me in the future - should I continue investing the 
> hundreds of hours it is taking to rewrite my GUI?
> Aaron.
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