[Gtk-sharp-list] TreeView nightmares

Luciano _ lnc19 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 14 10:18:52 EDT 2007

I'm not really sure if i understand you, but i guess:

If you wish to have an index in a ListStore, simple add a new column (not 
visible) with a subsequent number. Or maybe a better solution is to add your 
Object (the one that you want to refer) to the ListStore, some simple 

// The ListStore
ListStore panelStore = new ListStore(typeof(string), typeof(string), 
typeof(CustomObject), typeof(int));
myTreeView.AppendColumn("Description 1", new CellRendererText(), "text", 0);
myTreeView.AppendColumn("Description 2", new CellRendererText(), "text", 1);
myTreeView.Model = panelStore;

// Add items
panelStore.AppendValues("Item 1", "My Item 1", new object(), 0);
panelStore.AppendValues("Item 2", "My Item 2", new object(), 1);

I don't remember which is the event to get the Double Click on a Treeview, 
but, inside of it, you have to do this:
	TreeIter iter;
	if(myTreeView.Selection.GetSelected(out iter)) {
			Console.WriteLine((string)myTreeView.Model.GetValue(iter, 0)) // The 
first description
			Console.WriteLine((string)myTreeView.Model.GetValue(iter, 1)) // The 
second description
			object myObject = (object)myTreeView.Model.GetValue(iter, 2) // My Object
			int idx = (object)myTreeView.Model.GetValue(iter, 3) // The index

If you wish to get all of the Iters (and all of the values) of your Model, 
try this:

			TreeIter iter;
			TreeModel model = myTreeView.Model;
			ListStore store = ((ListStore)model);
			if(store.GetIterFirst(out iter))
				Console.WriteLine((string)myTreeView.Model.GetValue(iter, 0)) // The 
first description
				Console.WriteLine((string)myTreeView.Model.GetValue(iter, 1)) // The 
second description
				object myObject = (object)myTreeView.Model.GetValue(iter, 2) // My 
				int idx = (object)myTreeView.Model.GetValue(iter, 3) // The index
			}while(store.IterNext(ref iter));

I hope it helps :)


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>Hi again list,
>So how about these TreeViews...  :-\  I can't figure out how to use
>one as an efficient view of an internal collection at all. Is there
>some way I can just interact directly with the objects in the list or
>the view? Sorry to ask so many newbie questions, but please help
>again - I'm *this* close to writing my own VBox of clickable Labels! :-)
>Thanks to everyone who replied RE threading. One more thing there, do
>I need to do anything special if I want to access a widget from a
>timeout callback? I'm still getting the odd crash, and I'm pretty
>sure the only thread running is the one doing the timeouts. I have
>other threads running but they are all separated from the GUI either
>completely or via the timeouts.
>Sorry for another long email, but here's the background for anyone
>who wants to reply:
>I got over the idea of having to keep a reference to the widget as
>well as the ListStore in order to do the basic operations. That
>almost made sense, but then it seemed that for something as simple as
>getting the value of the activated row in the RowActivated handler
>also requires an TreeIter on the store, and all you have is a Path,
>not a link to the widget or to the row data. What really bummed me
>was when I discovered that this iterater refuses to store and
>retrieve raw objects, complaining about its limited set of types and
>the fact that my index column data isn't one of them.
>Alright, ranting aside, how does one usually link the data in the
>ListStore back to other objects? All I'm trying to do here is operate
>a simple list of named internal objects that, when double clicked,
>cause further information to be displayed. I could iterate through my
>own list using some artifically generated index (which would then be
>displayed alongside the object's name) in order to link back to my
>internal objects, but I can't believe that's the way it was intended
>to be used.
>I've been through the Gtk API multiple times to no avail, and the SDK
>sample sucks - there's no interaction or even run-time modification
>of the list. Did I miss a simple [ ] indexing operator defined
>somewhere or what?
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