[Gtk-sharp-list] Table layout and cross-thread calling

Luciano _ lnc19 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 13 08:25:15 EDT 2007

I learn to use Threading in Gtk, and it is really easy:

If it help, read it from my project svn page:

This is where i call the thread start

This is the method called:

I use an object to get all the info about the second thread, it has a 
constructor with all the info needed in the second thread (you cannot pass 
parameters to new ThreadStart(method)). I pass callback to return to 
previous thread, and i use Gtk.Application.Invoke to change the Gtk Thread.

You can even see a code with Monitor and Lock too:

I hope it helps.


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>Seeing as I've dabbed in multi-threading myself (albeit not with that
>much success), I can point you to
>If you search through the various threading issues described previously
>in this list, it seems that the Gtk.Application.Invoke(delegate {...})
>path is the most favored (also covered in the "Responsive Applications"
>Hope this helps,
>Aaron Oxford wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I'm still making great progress with my app, but I've found another 
>couple of things that are
> > confusing me.
> >
> > First and foremost, I seem to be getting extremely strange behaviour 
>modifying a label from
> > another thread. The code crashes more often than not. This is unusual 
>for a threading problem
> > because generally the chances of a problem occurring are very small. In 
>any case, what is the
> > accepted method for modifying Widgets from other threads?
> >
> > Also, the table layout seems to be playing up very badly. I declare an 
>Nx3 table and fill it up
> > with components but they all appear on top of each other, no matter what 
>I do with packing, size
> > hints or Show vs ShowAll. I'm struggling a lot with this completely 
>uncontrollable layout
> > philosophy - is there really no way to control the relative proportions 
>of components as they
> > scale? It seems that if I create two thin columns and one fat one, 
>stretching the window leaves me
> > with three columns of equal width.
> >
> > Apologies for posting even more newbie questions, thanks in advance for 
>any help.
> >
> >
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