[Gtk-sharp-list] Table layout and cross-thread calling

Aaron Oxford aaron at hardwarehookups.com.au
Mon Mar 12 23:26:23 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I'm still making great progress with my app, but I've found another couple of things that are
confusing me.

First and foremost, I seem to be getting extremely strange behaviour modifying a label from
another thread. The code crashes more often than not. This is unusual for a threading problem
because generally the chances of a problem occurring are very small. In any case, what is the
accepted method for modifying Widgets from other threads?

Also, the table layout seems to be playing up very badly. I declare an Nx3 table and fill it up
with components but they all appear on top of each other, no matter what I do with packing, size
hints or Show vs ShowAll. I'm struggling a lot with this completely uncontrollable layout
philosophy - is there really no way to control the relative proportions of components as they
scale? It seems that if I create two thin columns and one fat one, stretching the window leaves me
with three columns of equal width.

Apologies for posting even more newbie questions, thanks in advance for any help.

Aaron Oxford
Partner, Innovative Computer Solutions
Developer, SourceForge project 'Violet Composer'

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