[Gtk-sharp-list] Drawing a string

Aaron Oxford aaron at hardwarehookups.com.au
Fri Mar 9 09:39:53 EST 2007


First up, I'm new to Gtk# and I'm a Windows user. I'm trying to rip 
out all Forms code from my OSS app, so it can build under Linux. I'm 
having a great deal of success with Gtk# however I've hit a real 
brick wall with controls that need to be drawn manually.

I want to be sure that this code will build in MonoDevelop and in 
Visual Studio. I went down the DrawingSample (from the Gtk#2.8.3 
installer for Windows) path until I realised I was using Graphics, a 
Windows.Forms component. Then I went to look at Cairo, but I can't 
seem to find the right reference to add in order to compile. Where is 
Mono.Cairo in the list of references - OK not there, so I found the 
DLL, but what is this strange DLL, do I copy it to my bin directory? 
And what do I do to make this work under Linux, where presumably 
there is no such things as Mono.Cairo.DLL?

So I've worked my way around that with the built-in drawing routines 
(there needs to be a better sample for that), until it was time to 
draw text. Now it looks like I need Pango AND Cairo just to label 
something. I'm completely stuck, and I was going so well!

Does anyone have an example of working cross-platform text drawing 
routines and/or know how to get Cairo going under Visual Studio. Any 
help will be hugely appreciated.

Apologies if this message arrives twice.

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