[Gtk-sharp-list] GTK# with a treeview: simple example

Daniel Dieterle daniel at dieterle.ws
Tue Mar 6 10:35:29 EST 2007

Hi everybody, 

i wrote a simple program in C#. I'm a beginner with C# and GTK#. 
The graphics i layouted with Glade. When i want to add a column, the
compiler complains always with a error. 
I found no information, how to add a column while the windows is with
Glade formatted and in C# written. 

My code is the following: 
using System; 
using Gtk; 
using Glade; 
using System.Security.Principal; // pour recuperer le nom d'utilisateur 

class BrowserWindow 
        [Widget] Gtk.TreeView treeview1; 

        Gtk.ListStore musicListStore = new Gtk.ListStore (typeof
(string), typeof (string)); 
        treeview1.AppendColumn ("Artist", new Gtk.CellRendererText (),
"text", 0); 
        treeview1.AppendColumn ("Title", new Gtk.CellRendererText (),
"text", 1); 

        musicListStore.AppendValues ("Garbage", "Dog New Tricks"); 
        treeview1.Model = musicListStore; 

        // boutton lire 
        void on_button1_clicked (object o, EventArgs e) 

        // boutton ecrire 
        void on_button2_clicked (object o, EventArgs e) 

        // boutton quitter 
        void on_button3_clicked (object o, EventArgs e) 
                Application.Quit (); 
                System.Environment.Exit (0); 

        // creer une fenetre comme d'ecrit avec le logiciel Glade 
        public BrowserWindow () 
                Glade.XML gui = new Glade.XML ("./browser.glade",
"window1", ""); 

                // connect les bouttons avec le fenetre(signal-handler) 


class BrowserDemo { 

        static void Main () { 
                // neccesary pour initialiser Gtk 

                // creer un nouvelle fenetre 
                new BrowserWindow(); 

                // donne le nom d'utilisateur 
                string UserName =

                // lance le fenetre 

Compiled with: 

vmware at vmware-bavm:~/progs/browser$ mcs browser.cs -pkg:gtk-sharp-2.0
syntax error, got token `OPEN_PARENS' 
browser.cs(11) error CS8025: Parsing error 
Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings 
vmware at vmware-bavm:~/progs/browser$ 

Any hints? 

Thanks indeed. 

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