[Gtk-sharp-list] Strange Tree Model behavior

Michael Fasolino Michael_Fasolino at raytheon.com
Thu Jun 7 15:08:35 EDT 2007

This seems really weird to me, but if figured that I would throw it out 
and see if anyone else had seen anything like it.  I am using Visual 
Studio 2005 for my development environment.  When I run my program in 
debug mode the <Model>.GetValue calls seems to all return null.  I am not 
sure if the problem is with the models or with the GetValue function.  Is 
there an easy way to view a model’s contents when debugging without using 
the GetValue function? 

I am at a loss as to what would be causing this.  When I run the program 
without debugging everything works fine. 

Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks!


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