[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk# 2.10.1 runtime installer for .NET Framework 2.0

Milton Pividori miltondp at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 14:05:42 EDT 2007

El lun, 02-07-2007 a las 09:17 -0700, Brad Taylor escribió:
> Hey,
> > I've downloaded the sources of the Medsphere's installer of Gtk#
> > 2.10.1, and I've modified them to support the .NET Framework 2.0.
> > Changes are very simple.
> Cool!  I just have a few notes on your patch:
> * Much of your Runtime.iss still references the v1.1 GAC, namely
>   ConfigureGacInstallBat, and your SDK.iss is still set up for Visual
>   C# 2003 (v7.1).

If I understood, that procedure (ConfigureGacInstallBat) checks if the
runtime or SDK are installed, and replace this string:

'C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v1.1\'

by the real path of the SDK in both .bat files, which are used to add
and remove the gtk-sharp assemblies in the GAC. Is this right?

Some comments on this procedure are incorrect. For example, when it says
"// Base on SDK 1.1", while it's checking 2.0. I forgot to change it.

Regarding Visual Studio, I don't have version 2005 to test the

> Other than that, great work!

Thank you very much for your notes. I will try to fix them soon.


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