[Gtk-sharp-list] FileOpenDialog?? - Get current Row?

Duong Nguyen duongnguyen at mail.ru
Sat Jan 27 15:38:59 EST 2007

Thanks for your help and sorry for not having read carefully.
I have once more question about Gtk.StoreList that bound to TreeView. How to get the selected row of the StoreList?

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  Duong Nguyen wrote: 
    How to create and use a FileOpenDialog in Gtk#? Pls help me!
    Thanks in advance
  Here is how:
  // create the dialog
  // remember to choose correct FileChooserAction from these self-explanatory values:
  // Open, Save, SelectFolder, CreateFolder
  FileChooserDialog Fcd = new FileChooserDialog ("Open file", null, FileChooserAction.Open);

  // add buttons you wish to see in the dialog
  Fcd.AddButton(Stock.Cancel, ResponseType.Cancel);

  Fcd.AddButton(Stock.Open, ResponseType.Ok);

  // then create a filter for files. For example .gif:
  // filter is not necessary if you wish to see all files in the dialog
  Fcd.Filter = new FileFilter();

  // if you wish to select multiple files set the do the following:
  Fcd.SelectMultiple = true;
  // In this case read Filenames-property instead of Filename-property

  // run the dialog
  ResponseType RetVal = (ResponseType)Fcd.Run();

  // handle the dialog's exit value
  // Read the file name from Fcd.Filename
  if (RetVal == ResponseType.Ok) {
  // do something
  } else {
  // do something else

  // destroy the dialog

  PS. There is a documentation covering gtk# at http://docs.gotmono.net/.


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