[Gtk-sharp-list] Is it possible to create a button using the Glade-2 gui creater - when needing a button with a pango markup text?

Jesper K. Pedersen jkp at solnet.homeip.net
Sat Jan 6 12:53:37 EST 2007

Having started to write a small application using C# and Gtk# I have so
far been using the Glade-2 gui developer.

I have however run into a difficulty. Currently all buttons made are
just usual GtkButtons - but I need buttons with the ability to format
the text with the Pango markup language.

Creating buttons in the C# code that uses a regular markup-label is
easy, but is it possible to insert this kind of button in the Glade-2
software so not to mix Glade-2 and program inserted objects?

Any hints are greatly appreciated

Best regards
  Jesper K. Pedersen

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