[Gtk-sharp-list] Userdata in signal handlers?

Nikolaos Georgiou ngeor at freemail.gr
Mon Feb 19 06:02:12 EST 2007

Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> Is it possible to attach a piece of userdata to each button with a
> value that makes it easy to check which button was calling the event
> handler?

I searched a bit in the documentation but I didn't find anything useful.
The GLib.Object does have some methods for getting and setting custom 
properties but they are protected.

Since you're using Glade, I would map those Gtk.Button objects to some 

        private Gtk.Button btnOne;
        private Gtk.Button btnTwo;

        private void on_SomeButton_clicked(object sender, 
System.EventArgs e)
               if (sender == btnOne)
                      System.Console.WriteLine("Hello from first button");
               else if (sender == btnTwo)
                      System.Console.WriteLine("Hello from second button");
                      System.Console.WriteLine("This is quite interesting");

Oh and check out the Glade# Code Generator:

it can produce the glade code for you.

Nikolaos Georgiou

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