[Gtk-sharp-list] Some widgets and UTF8

Petteri Kautonen petteri.kautonen at pp.inet.fi
Tue Feb 6 09:56:42 EST 2007

I'm having a problem getting Gtk.ToolButton to show an UTF8 string when 
the text is custom (non stock).
The problem exists only when I try to create ToolButton at runtime. The 
problem is with unicode characters ä (0x00e4) and ö (0x00f6) which will 
not show at all.
If I create the gui using Glade, these characters show all right. Also 
if some stock buttons translate to use ä or ö there is no problem and 
other widgets show those character fine.
Any ideas how to fix this?

System info: WinXP SP2, Mono, #develop 2.1 build 2201

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