[Gtk-sharp-list] how can I get value in CellRendererCombo with multicolumn Model?

Dr. McArrow dr_mcarrow at mail.ru
Mon Feb 5 10:28:11 EST 2007

I have a CellRendererCombo in a treeview.
how can I retrive a value from a column different than the one defined by  
My ListStore holds two values: an id from a database and a string.
TextColumn points to the string (column 0), but I want to know the id (col  

ListStore ls_dept = new ListStore(typeof(string),typeof(string));


CellRendererCombo crc = new CellRendererCombo();
crc.Editable = true;
crc.Model = ls_dept;
crc.TextColumn = 0;
crc.Edited += (OnEdited);

private void OnEdited(object o, EventArgs a)
in this place i need to know the value of column 1.
how can I do this?


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