[Gtk-sharp-list] rsvg example

Sebastian Böhm gtksharp at seb.exse.net
Tue Dec 25 19:03:44 EST 2007


I dont find any usefull documentation for rsvg-sharp.dll

can aynone provide me with a small example?

I need a function that converts a XmlDocument (containing the svg)  
into a gif, png or jpeg file.

something like:

byte[] RenderSVG(XmlDocument svginput, string outputtype)

outputtype would be "gif", "png" or "jpeg"

I have the same function already, but currently it's implemented with  
the rsvg cmd-line utility and imagemagick cmd-line (convert) for  
conversion to gif or jpeg.

I have a application that generates the svg as xmldocument  
dynamically, but with rsvg-sharp I hopefully can do this without the  
creation of temorary files and without executing external binaries.

Thank you in advance

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