[Gtk-sharp-list] Outdated versions of Gtk# and Glade on Windows.

v.mladenov at mail.bg v.mladenov at mail.bg
Tue Dec 11 04:47:54 EST 2007

First hi to all,
  I'm new GTK# user and this is my first post in gtk-sharp
mailing list. Recently I start using GTK# and i'm 
developing on Windows using Visual Studio 2008 because
MonoDevelop is in early stage (The main feature that is
missing for me is a debugger :( ).
The main problem i have is the outdated versions of GTK# and
Glade for Windows. The latest version of GTK# is 2.8.3 (from
2006-12-24) Mono installation for Windows ships with 2.10
but don't add GTK# assemblies to Microsoft .NET Framework
GAC. The latest version of Glade is 3.0.2 but the Linux
latest version is 3.4.0.


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