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Mario Sopena Novales mario.sopena at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 03:38:37 EST 2007


   I think your patch misses if someone hits the Ctrl+F keystroke but
it does not have the gtkhtml-sharp version needed. It will be
presented with a useless findbar.

We better avoid those situations


On 05/12/2007, Alvaro Ramirez <aramirez at xenodium.com> wrote:
> Hiya Mike,
> > Because of some API stability issues, we will be moving gtkhtml-sharp
> > from gnome-sharp to the new gnome-desktop-sharp module in the next
> > release cycle.  This patch might be better applied against that module.
> Sounds good. Attached is now gnome-desktop-sharp.diff
> >
> > The other issue is one of dependency.  Is it okay for docbrowser to
> > depend on bleeding edge gtkhtml-sharp?
> Should be ok. I've now made it optional. There was already a check for
> bleeding edge gtkhtml-sharp (3.14) used for printing. If not present,
> the search bar is disabled.
> >  If not, you will probably need
> > to make this feature optional via configure magic to allow building
> > against older gtk-sharp/gnome-sharp releases.  At the very least, you
> > need to bump the configure version check in mono-tools to identify the
> > new dependency.
> Yup, you can build against older gtk-sharp/gnome-sharp releases, since
> the search bar is now optional. Have a look at the new patches.
> Thanks,
> Alvaro
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