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Alvaro Ramirez aramirez at xenodium.com
Wed Dec 5 07:20:48 EST 2007

Hi Mario,

> I think your patch misses if someone hits the Ctrl+F keystroke but
> it does not have the gtkhtml-sharp version needed. It will be
> presented with a useless findbar.

hmmm... shouldn't be the case. If you build against older versions of
gtkhtml, the menu items get hidden, which would prevent the key-bindings
from working (??)

#if (!GTKHTML_SHARP_3_14)
                ui ["find_separator"].Hide ();
                ui ["find_text"].Hide ();
                ui ["find_next"].Hide ();
                ui ["find_previous"].Hide ();

> We better avoid those situations

The above seems to avoid the scenario you mentioned. In any case, I've
added some more conditionals and removed the search bar from the
container altogether (when building against older gtk-html). The
downside to this is that browser.cs now has more #if's :( Have a look at
the new patches. Let me know...


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