[Gtk-sharp-list] Hourglass cursor in a Gtk# app for WinXP?

Brad Taylor brad at getcoded.net
Mon Dec 3 13:04:43 EST 2007

On Sun, 2007-12-02 at 17:21 +0100, Jacek Ruzyczka wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I am currently working on a Gtk# desktop app, which will run both on Linux, 
> and on WinXP / WinVista. Now I've got a question: When I wanna signalise on a 
> Linux platform that the app is busy, I use CursorType.Watch as Gdk.Cursor. 
> But on a WinXP platform, an hourglass (WinVista: rotating ring) cursor is 
> used for this particular purpose. CursorType.Watch, I have realised, is 
> simply ignored on Windows, so which CursorType shall I use?

Gdk.CursorType.Watch is what we use in our Cross-platform application,
and it works as expected for us.  Cursors are set on a GdkWindow, so
make sure your cursor is inside the window to see it change.

What Gtk+ version are you using?



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