[Gtk-sharp-list] TreeModelStore: Problem with appending rows

Thomas Weiser GtkSharp at thomasweiser.de
Sun Aug 26 10:57:29 EDT 2007

Hi everybody,

I am new to GTK#, so firstly, big thanks for GTK#!

I have a problem with appending new rows to a TreeStore that is wrapped 
by a TreeModelSort.

   TreeView view = new TreeView ();
   TreeStore store = new TreeStore (typeof (string));
   TreeModelSort storeSorted = new TreeModelSort (store);

Sorting is setup and works.
But when I append a row in TreeStore with AppendNode () the application 
crashes (with varying error messages).

   TreeIter iter = store .AppendNode ();
   store .SetValue (iter, 0, "foo");

All works well if I don't use TreeModelSort.
How to add rows to a TreeModelSort-wrapped TreeStore? Is this not possible?

I could post a small example source if this helps. (Can attachments be 
posted to the list?)

I am working with gtksharp-2.8.3-win32-0.0 with VisualStudio.

Thanks for help!

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