[Gtk-sharp-list] FileChooser Dialog- Applying filter only for folder.

Murugan K kmurugan at novell.com
Fri Apr 27 02:02:33 EDT 2007

Hi All,
          I am new to this mono environment. If this is the basic question, My apologies in advance. I want to use the FileChooserDialog in my application and I want to use FileChooserAction.Save mode chooser only. In that one , I want to apply filter to show only folders. Any body can throw some light on how to do this.

I can not use FileChooserAction.SelectFolder mode chooser for this as I want to use Save functionalities also. It will be very helpful for me, if I get any way of help. Thanks.

My code
FileChooserDialog filew = new FileChooserDialog(Catalog.GetString("Browse for File"),



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